Carrot top plastic surgery steroids – At a Glance

carrot top plastic surgery steroids

Carrot top plastic surgery steroids usage is an allegation or fact? Carrot top had plastic surgery and there is great speculation that he used steroids. His body has changed drastically from face to muscular transformation. In recent few years, people undergone through cosmetic surgery have increased tremendously. People like to fit themselves with the changing fashion and trends and ready to spend a major part of their incomes on cosmetics and beauty products. In this fashion freak world cosmetic and plastic surgery has made a great impact on the peoples’ lives. Thus Carrot top plastic surgery is a perfect example to know to what extent plastic surgical procedures have left mark in the heart of people. Carrot Top is a stage name of world famous comedian. The carrot’s real name is Scott Thompson well known not only for his bright red hair but also for his great sense of humor. Carrot Top looks have been changed a lot after surgery and this can visible clearly when you see Carrot before and after surgery pictures.

Effects of Carrot Top plastic surgery steroids

Carrot top’s past and present looks reveal the truth that he has experienced plastic surgery on his face and might use steroids for pleasing appearance.

  • Earlier Carrot was slim but now he seems bulky.
  • His body appearance seems to be like a body builder whereas it was skinny before.
  • The use of steroids causes side effects which alters the shape of his cheeks and jaws.
  • Growing age and use of steroids may impact his face but no one can deny the fact that carrot did not take any kind of plastic surgery.

Carrot Top plastic surgery steroids before and after

Though there is no way to prove except photo comparisons over the internet to confirm whether or not carrot has undergone through surgical procedures or might used steroids but there are great rumors worldwide about carrot top plastic surgery steroids that whether Carrot is a victim of bad plastic surgery or not. However, still carrot Top has not stated any personal opinions about the surgery. Beside rumors there is a great deal of speculations over usage of steroids and the most popular speculations are regarding eyebrows lift, rhinoplasty, laser resurfacing treatment and Botox injections. Many people have the opinion that Carrot looks quite freaky after the surgery.

Carrot Top plastic surgery is hot news and headlines for many newspapers. Though there are various theories spread on which procedure have been opted by Carrot and which he didn’t but now many people firmly believe that Carrot top might be using steroids as his body shape has been changed dramatically from skinny to body builder and altered his jaw line. If the statement is true then changes in carrot top’s body shape is an outcome of using steroids. Thus many people believe that after surgery Carrot looks freakier and it is all because of the bad plastic surgery. However there is no strong evidence to prove it but overall rumors of Carrot top plastic surgery steroids are true to a some extent.

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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Steroids